Digital Media Art Certificate

The certificate program in Digital Media Art at California State University Channel Islands is designed to prepare individuals for an entry-level career working in the expanding field of Digital Media Art. Courses specifically focusing on multimedia, digital design for print media, Web design, digital photography, motion graphics, and visual effects for film/video and computer animation lead to an in-depth understanding and technical proficiency working in computer-based media.


Required Courses (18 units)

ART 108 Visual Technologies (3)
ART 204 Graphic Design (3)
ART 205 Multimedia (3)
ART 312 Digital Media Art: Time-Based Imaging and Compositing (3)
ART 324 Communication Design Technology: Web Design (3)

Select one additional course from the following:

ART 313 Communication Design Technology: Graphic Design for Print Media
ART 314 Digital Media Art: Digital Photography (3)
ART 316 Digital Illustration and Painting (3)
ART 317 Video Game Production (3)
ART 325 Digital Media Art: Digital Filmmaking (3)
ART 326 Digital Media Art: 3D Computer Animation (3)
ART 327 Communication Design Technology: Multimedia Theory/Process (3)
ART 382 Art for Social Media (3)
ART 385 Audio Design and Recording

If you are not already a CSUCI student, admission to the University is not required for this certificate program. However, a separate certificate program application must be filed through Extended Education. For further information, call (805) 437-2748 or email

Non-matriculated students enroll through the Open University process on a space available basis.