CI Exhibitions, Camarillo - A.K.A The Palm Gallery

Art & Ecology in Japan

September 2 - 24
Reception on Thursday, September 18, 6-8pm


Liz King's Paris Class

October 6 - 22
Reception on Thursday, October 16, 6-8pm


Aldo Figueroa's Digital Class

November 10 - November 20
Reception on Thursday, November 20, 6-8pm


Beverly Decker's Book Arts Class

December 1 - January 19
Reception on Thursday, December 4, 6-8pm


Art & Ecology in Japan

September 2 - 24
Reception on Thursday, September 18, 6-8pm


Kathy Musashi and Jerilee Petralba

January 26 - February 28
Reception on Thursday, February 12, 6-8pm


Liz King's Art of Science Class

March 2 - 26
Reception on Thursday, March 26, 6-8pm


On Environment and Social Justice

April 6 - 22
Reception on Thursday, April 9, 6-8pm


Aldo Figueroa Solo Show

May 4 - August 24
Reception on Thursday, May 7, 6-8pm


CI Exhibitions, Camarillo (also referred to as the "Palm Gallery") is a cultural outreach partnership created between the California State University Channel Islands Art Program and Dr. Michael Czubiak, who has provided a gallery space in his building located in historic "Old Town" Camarillo. In addition to affording CI students with the opportunity to exhibit their art in the local community adjacent the University, the CI Art Dept. also presents curated shows of regional artists in the Palm Gallery, providing the University community and Ventura County residents with the opportunity to view quality exhibitions, significant works of art and attend stimulating cultural events.

92 Palm Drive in "Old Town" Camarillo, CA. 93010.
Regular gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
For more information: 805-437-2772, FAX: 805-437-8572

Map to Camarillo Gallery

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