CSUCI Exhibitions Gallery (Camarillo)

Linda Jacobson: "Rhythms of Nature"

April 29-June 18, 2010
Reception for the Artist: Thursday, April 29, 6-8PM

Excerpts from an article by Michael Zakian, Director of Frederick Weissman Museum of Art, best describe Linda Jacobson's paintings:

"Linda Jacobson's paintings represent a pure form of nature mysticism. They arise from her conviction that the world is a beneficent place. Even when the earth seems neutral or indifferent, it nevertheless contains a positive force for healing and growth. This viewpoint harks back to the early nineteenth century Romantics and found full flowering in America in the writings of Transcendentalists.

Jacobson's paintings are landscapes yet they are abstract. This is her way of revealing that nature's true character is abstract. It is to be found in the force that permeates all things, imbuing life with an elemental vitality. As a painter she rejects descriptive precision, favoring large movements and patterns to literal description."

Larry Lytle Photo 1

"Each landscape's winding path offers surprise and revelation. To a receptive soul, nature still possesses the capacity to engage, to fascinate, and ultimately, to elicit an awe-struck wonder that is known as the sublime.

Jacobson has focused on spiritual landscapes since 1978, when she spent time in Arles in Southern France and experienced the mistral, a powerful wind that blows through the region turning fields into seas of swirling motion. Since then she has continued to depict the earth as a dwelling place, as vital matter capable of embracing the soul."

Larry Lytle Photo 1

Linda Jacobson received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. A working Los Angeles artist since the 1970s, her paintings are included in exhibitions internationally and have been the subject of numerous articles and reviews. She has taught for UCLA Extension, Otis Institute of Art and Design in Los Angeles and continues to coordinate and teach "Art & Spirit" Artists Retreats & Seminars in Europe and the U.S.A.

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