BA Degree in Art Offers Specialized Study in the Following Areas

Two-Dimensional Media

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media

Communication Design Technology

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Interactive Multimedia

Art History

  • History of Art
  • Museum Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Topics

Three-Dimensional Media

  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Installation and New Genres

Digital Art & Time-Based Media

  • Digital Photography
  • Motion Graphics and Visual Effects
  • Animation and 3D Computer Animation
  • Digital Filmmaking and Video Art
  • Digital Illustration and Painting
  • Video Game Production

Lower Division Requirements

Complete a minimum of 24 units of lower division required Art courses in preparation for upper division studies.

Art Studio Fundamentals (12 units)

ART 105 - Drawing and Composition (3)
Introduction to drawing media, techniques and compositional elements

ART 106 - Color and Design (3)
Introduction to color theory in two-dimensional and three-dimensional design projects

ART 107 Life Drawing (3)
Introduction to drawing the human form in various media and scale

ART 108 Visual Technologies (3)
Introduction to basic techniques in digital imaging, hardware and software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter)

Art History (6 units)
Select two courses from the following:

Lower Division Studio Courses (6 units minimum)

In selecting lower division studio courses (100 and 200 level), students are encouraged to enroll in courses that satisfy prerequisites for upper division study in specific areas. Transfer students may substitute CSU transferable lower division studio art and multimedia courses subject to the approval of the CSUCI art program. Select a minimum of two courses from the following:

ART 201 Painting (3)
Introduction basic painting techniques in oil and acrylic

ART 202 Sculpture (3)
Introduction to basic sculpture techniques in a variety of materials

ART 203 Illustration (3)
Introduction to illustration techniques and media for publication and commercial art applications

ART 204 Graphic Design (3)
Introduction to typography, design and layout for print media

ART 205 Multimedia (3)
Introduction to basic interactive multimedia and 2D digital game design

ART 206 Animation (3)
Introduction to storyboarding, timing, animation drawing, cell production and traditional animation methods

ART 207 Ceramics (3)
Introduction to basic ceramic materials, methods and glazing techniques

ART 208 Physics of Art and Visual Perception (3)
Laboratory and studio investigations into the interrelationship between visual art and physics

ART 209 Photography (3)
Introduction to fundamental techniques and theories of photographic media (digital)

ART 211 Visual Story Production (3)
Hand-drawn images will be scanned, formatted and ultimately presented in a digital animatic format that involves visual transitions, time and motion.

ART 212 Video Production (3)
Through a series of practical applications of methods and technique, studentsí express their aesthetic vision and technical skills in the processes of pre-production, production and post-production.

Upper Division Requirements

Upper Division ART Majors are required to select an option within the major and complete a minimum of thirty-three units of upper division ART courses.

Studio Art Option

Art History Option

Upper Division Studio Art Courses

Students are encouraged to pursue an integrated approach in the exploration of media and artistic processes by integrating traditional methods of art production with digital technologies in at least two areas of study. Assignments incorporate projects created with basic art materials working in conjunction with digital art technologies that lead toward development of artistic skills and computer literacy, (six hours studio/lab activity per week). All ART Majors are required to select a minimum of two (6 units) of the following courses: (310, 311, 312, 313, 314). Upon completion of these courses, ART Majors in the Studio Art Option are required to select an additional four courses (12 units) of upper division 300/400 level studio art courses.

ART 310 Two-dimensional Art: Painting Media and Techniques (3)
Representational & Abstract Painting: oil, acrylic and mixed media and 2D digital prototyping techniques

ART 311 Three-dimensional Art: Sculpture Media and Techniques (3)
Figurative and abstract sculpture, mixed techniques and 3D digital prototyping

ART 312 Digital Media Art: Time-Based Imaging and Compositing (3)
Entry level digital video compositing and nonlinear editing techniques

ART 313 Communication Design Technology: Graphic Design for Print Media (3)
Graphic design and typography for print and related media

ART 314 Digital Media Art: Digital Photography (3)
Exploration of digital imaging/photography as an art form and commercial medium

ART 315 Animation Media and Techniques (3)
Exploration of drawing, cell production and digital imaging for animation

ART 316 Digital Illustration and Painting (3)
Exploration of digital illustration/drawing and digital painting techniques

ART 317 Video Game Production (3)
Conceptualizing, designing, and producing video games

Upon completion of prerequisite courses, select additional studio art courses from at least two areas of study. Assignments focus on the development artistic concepts and theories, visual continuity and increased competency in media and applied techniques that result in the creation of individual art projects (six hours studio/lab activity per week) 3 unit courses, repeatable one time for additional credit).

ART 320 Two-dimensional Art: Painting Theory and Processes (3)
Painting: Abstract, Representational and Mixed Media Techniques

ART 321 Three-dimensional Art: Sculpture Theory and Processes (3)
Sculpture explorations in various materials including Stone, Welding and Installation Techniques

ART 322 Digital Media Art: Time-Based Graphics and Visual Effects (3)
Digital video, nonlinear editing, visual effects and motion graphics

ART 323 Communication Design Technology: Packaging and Pre-Press (3)
Graphic design, packaging design and pre-press.

ART 324 Communication Design Technology: Web Design (3)
Website/internet design and production

ART 325 Digital Media Art: Digital Filmmaking (3)
Production of digital film/video shorts

ART 326 Digital Media Art: 3D Computer Animation (3)
3D character design, computer modeling and digital animation

ART 327 Communication Design Technology: Multimedia Theory and Process (3)
Applications in interactive multimedia.

ART 328 Digital Media Art: Photographic Theory and Process: (3)
Photography/Digital Imaging as fine art and applied communication media

ART 329 Three-Dimensional Art: Ceramics Theory and Process (3)
Studio Investigations into firing, glazing and theoritical aspects of ceramic art.

ART 380 Two-Dimensional Art: Figure Painting (3)
Painting methods and techniques utilized to express images of the human form.

ART 381 Three-dimensional Art: Figure Sculpture (3)
Sculpture methods and techniques utilized to express images of the human form.

ART 382 Art for Social Media (3)
Production of artwork for online networks and mobile communication devices.

ART 383 Scenic Design (3) not repeatable
Script analysis, scenery sketching, model set design and construction.

ART 384 Costume Design (3) not repeatable
Costume design and construction, including drafting and draping.

ART 385 Audio Design and Recording (3)
An introduction to the fundamental principles of audio production and recording.

ART 386 Storyboarding (3)
Storyboarding focuses on techniques of visual storytelling for the moving image, including work in traditional and computer animation, motion pictures, multimedia, time-based imagery and video game design.

ART 387 Street and Performance Art (3) not repeatable
Topics explore the creation of non-traditional public performances and displays of art, such as flash mob performances and guerilla art exhibitions.

ART 388 Live Studio Production for Broadcast and Streaming (3) not repeatable
Investigation into the processes and techniques of live studio productions for the purpose of broadcasting or web streaming

Advanced artistic problems courses provide students with the opportunity to continue in-depth investigations working in selected media, leading to the development of sound artistic concepts and proficiency in advanced artistic processes. Continued exploration into the integration of media and technologies lead students to the development of a congruent body of work. Creation and presentation of a professional portfolio is a required component of the course work (six hours studio/lab activity per week - 3 unit courses, repeatable one time for additional credit).

ART 420 Advanced Artistic Problems: Two-Dimensional Art (3)
ART 421 Advanced Artistic Problems: Three-Dimensional Art (3)
ART 422 Advanced Artistic Problems: Digital Media Art (3)
ART 423 Advanced Artistic Problems: Communication Design Technology (3)

Art History-Interdisciplinary Art Courses

Upper division Art History courses focus on the History of Art and Art Theory, Interdisciplinary Art Courses integrate academic study of Art with related content from other disciplines. ART Majors (in the Studio Option) are required to select a minimum of two Art History-Interdisciplinary Art Courses (total of 6 units). ART Majors (in the Art History Option) are required to select an additional four courses (for a total of 18 units) of upper division 300/400 level Art History-Interdisciplinary

One of the Art courses from the list below:

ART 435 Postmodern Visual Culture (3)
ART 436 Modern Art (3)

AND any Art courses from the list below:

ART 330 Critical Thinking in a Visual World (3)
ART 331 Art and Mass Media (3)
ART 332 Multicultural Art Movements (3)
ART 333 History of Southern California Chicana/o Art (3)
ART 334 The Business of Art (3)
ART 337 Art on Film and Film on Art (3)
ART 338 Psychology of Art and Artists (3)
ART 341 Visual Canons of the Ancient World (3)
ART 343 Medieval Art: Diversity, Faith and Power (3)
ART 351 The Baroque Eye: Art, Culture, Money, Power (3)
ART 433 Women in the Arts (3)
ART 434 The Museum: Culture, Business, Education (3)
ART 435 Postmodern Visual Culture (3) (If not taken above)
ART 436 Modern Art (3) (If not taken above)
ART 451 Diversity in the Visual Arts (3)
ART 480 - Advanced Issues in Art History, Theory and Criticism (3)

Professional Preparation Courses (9 units)

Upper division Professional Preparation courses provide an understanding of current issues in the arts, application of specialized studio work, field activities and service learning.

ART 489 Art Seminar (3)
ART 499 Arts Capstone Project (3)

Upper Division ART Electives

ART 490 Special Topics in Art (3)

Portfolio review required.
ART 492* Internship in the Arts (1-3 )
RESTRICTED ENROLLMENT COURSE Portfolio review required.

ART 494* Independent Study (1-3) *
RESTRICTED ENROLLMENT COURSE Portfolio review required.

Total Units for the BA Degree in Art: 120

Art Courses: 57
General Education Courses: 48
Title V Courses: 6
University Elective Courses: 9