With all of the frequent openings, art talks, and events, being an Art student at CI comes with a “built-in” social life. Two of the four spaces are dedicated solely to student work, meaning there is ample opportunity for students to collaborate and develop innovative projects for public display.

Exhibition Season

Napa Hall Gallery

Yumiko Glover & Rose Briccetti

January  30th–February 16th
Reception: Thurs. February 2nd, 6–8pm

Faculty Exhibition

February 27thMarch 9th
Reception: Thurs. March 2nd, 6–8pm

Camarillo High School Exhibition

March 16thMarch 23rd
Reception: Thurs. March 16th, 6–8pm

Annual Student Exhibition

April 10thMay 12th
Reception: Sat. April 22nd, 3–6pm

The John Spoor Broome Library Gallery

Ventura County: Voices, Places, and Histories

Curators: José Alamillo, Matt Cook, Irina D. Costache
Dec 10- Feb 16, 2017

Reception: Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

Personal Stories / Shared Narratives

Lesley Krane (photography) and Cecilia Miguez (sculptures and sketches)
Curator: Irina D. Costache
Feb 27- April 2, 2017

Reception: March 2017 (TBA)

Artists from the Florence Accademia

Curators: Marsha Steinberg and Irina D. Costache
Part of the 50-year celebration of the CSU International Program in Florence
In collaboration with the CSU International Programs and the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles
April 10- May 10, 2017

Reception: TBA

Gradwall Gallery

Jan-Feb: Jeremy Benavidez (faculty mentor: Jasmine Delgado)

Monday January 30th – Thursday February 16th
Reception: Th Feb 2nd, 6-8pm

March: Christian Morris (faculty mentor: Amiko Matsuo)

Monday February 27th – Thursday March 23rd
Reception: Th Mar 2nd, 6-8pm

Palm-Temporary Gallery

Scholarship Exhibition

January 30th–February 16th
Reception: Thurs. February 2nd, 6–8pm