Catalog Cover Design Growing up in Santa Clarita, Carly Wesolowski set her sights on CSU Channel Islands to study Art. Carly graduated in May 2019 as a Studio Art major with a minor in Visual Media Communications. “My dream job would be one that allows me combine my passion for design and the outdoors,” she said. “I have this innate drive to be outside in nature. Nature is also a huge inspiration to me and has become a large part of my process to create art.

One of Carly's last projects before graduating was an independent study for Professor (and Art Program chair) Luke Matjas. “He recommended me to create the Course Catalog Cover art,” Carly said. “He’s taught me a lot and has been a huge inspiration to me as a youth designer. Sometimes it seems he has more faith in my skills than I do.”

The inspiration for the cover design was a combination of Carly’s love for nature and geometric forms. “Sierra Hall is a beautiful location on campus with its thriving succulent garden and beautiful architecture,” she said.

Art was always a part of Carly’s household. Her father has been a graphic designer for almost 40 years. “He taught me how much design was integrated into our everyday lives,” she said. “Everywhere I go, I unconsciously look at objects or prints, and break them apart in an attempt and figure out how they were created. In addition, my parents were extremely supportive and encouraged me to pursue a career doing what I love.”

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