Welcome to the Art Program at CSUCI

Our students are fueled by cultural influences, technological advancements, historical traditions and personal creativity. These twenty-first century artists, designers and art historians are ambitious and optimistic. They are inclined to take on the challenges of the times, using art as a vehicle for information, self-expression and change. They seek to translate the world and events they observe while producing artwork of introspection, humanity, and beauty.

CSUCI Art students shatter the stereotypical image of the self-indulgent, brooding artist. Students in art capstone classes create group projects that contribute to the community through outreach and teaching as well as volunteering their time and personal talents. Year after year, CSUCI art students have committed to support local and international charity organizations through generous donations from the sales of their own artworks. In addition, CSUCI students continue to win top awards in computer animation, web design, painting, sculpture, graphic design, multimedia and photography competitions throughout the region.




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