Intricately patterned artwork of Mark Steven GreenfieldArtist Mark Steven Greenfield discussing his workStudent looking at artwork in a gallery

Each year the CSUCI Art Program hosts an outstanding array of visiting artists and lectures.  The 2018/2019 season kicked off this year with noted artist and luminary Mark Steven Greenfield.  Exploring the complexities of the African American experience in contemporary society, Greenfield will be exhibiting a series of drawings, paintings, and sculptural work at CSUCI.

Students were treated to a lively discussion in which Greenfield detailed many of the secrets behind his intricately rendered works, along with insights into his meditative approach to artmaking.  He also shared a wealth of advice about what it takes to survive and thrive as a creative individual.

"Spirits, Ghosts, and Other Distractions" will be on view through September 24th. 

Find out more about Mark Steven Greenfield on his website.

(Photos by Larry Gassan