If you’re an Art major at CI, at some point towards the end of your degree you’ll be looking to take the Capstone class. A lot of students are curious about the nature of this class, but there’s really no need for confusion or worry.

Capstone is one of the final “Professional Prep” classes students take prior to graduating. This class is intended to give students a chance to try out their skills in a real world setting. It’s a challenging class, for sure, and working in small groups, students typically search out opportunities where they can directly employ the knowledge they’ve gained through their coursework at CI.

The Art Program is one of the few majors on campus to use the Capstone class in an effort to improve the local community. Many of the student projects involve service learning, and since the founding of CI, numerous students have volunteered their time to help make a difference at local non-profits, museums, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

Check out some of the projects and you can get a sense of what Capstone is all about.

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