The Art Major with an Emphasis in Studio Art gives students the opportunity to focus on interdisciplinary studies in fine art, digital art technology, graphic design and art history, emphasizing an innovative approach to artistic process, technique and problem solving through the integration of traditional media and digital technologies. Essentially, this program allows students to do it all—to combine burgeoning interests in sculpture, 3D animation, illustration, ceramics, painting, photography, screen-printing, and a full array of creative artistic practices. Students are encouraged to diversify and expand their course of study, or to focus in select areas, depending on their interests in a chosen field.

Courses in studio art, art history and interdisciplinary studies focus on developing a solid artistic foundation, leading to advanced work in a variety of artistic media. In particular, the studio art emphasis provides in-depth study in the areas of two- dimensional art, three-dimensional art, digital media art, and communication design technology.

A degree in Art with a Studio Emphasis is incredibly versatile in a world increasingly driven by visual communication. It will equip students with tangible, real-world skills that can be applied in a diverse range of fields. Many art students have gone on to work as active exhibiting studio artists, and many others have gone into architecture, industrial design, graphic design, animation, the motion picture industry, interface and interactive design, landscape design, fashion, illustration, television production, product design, education, and advertising, as well as advanced graduate level study in a wide number of fields.

A generalized map of the Studio Major is included here, but students seeking to focus in Painting, Design, Sculpture, Photography, or Animation, can click any of these headings to see possible roadmaps and a range of suggested courses.

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