As a fairly new institution, let’s face it, not everyone knows about all of the great stuff happening out here at CSUCI. Nevertheless, the students who have graduated through the years have helped build a strong reputation for the campus, and especially for the Art Program. Whether it’s careers in the field, exhibitions, or graduate school, students continue to find success with their degree in Art.

  • Ashleigh Norman

    Hard work really does pay off, I really felt noticed by teachers at CSU Channel Islands.

    Ashleigh Norman, Painting, 2012
  • Brett Cipperly

    Every day there’s a new project, new challenges.

    Brett Cipperly, Graphic Design, 2012
  • Carrie O'Hara

    It’s not going to be easy, but don’t give up. You really have to prove yourself, work hard, and believe in yourself.

    Carrie O'Hara, Graphic Design, 2012
  • Cesar Karamazov

    I don’t see an alternative to art, really. I was always more interested in the aesthetics of things.

    Cesar Karamazov, Graphic Design, 2011
  • Christine Brand

    The curiosity of the art classes kept me going. The teachers at CSU Channel Islands had a huge influence on me.

    Christine Brand, Painting, 2007
  • Dianne Bennett

    There’s a network of people at CSU Channel Islands who are there to help you. A network of artists and teachers; you aren’t an island. I tend to isolate, and it feels good to have been a part of something.

    Dianne Bennett, Painting, 2006
  • Jeanette Villareal

    The in-class critiques warmed me up to constructive criticism and being prepared to talk about my intentions, concepts and ideas with my work.

    Jeanette Villareal, Photography, 2008
  • Josh Bricker

    Your classmates and professors are your support system. After graduation their support will become vital. Art is a small, insular and highly social industry. Find your people, your tribe.

    Josh Bricker, Painting, 2008
  • Kellam Cunningham

    I learned how to think creatively about multiple objects due to in-depth projects. I was taught to accept criticism and evolve from it.

    Kellam Cunningham, Graphic and Multimedia Design, 2010
  • Matt Bischof

    Think of your career as a movie captured by a camera on a tripod. The camera is supported by a sturdy tripod, with each leg representing talent, work ethic and personality.

    Matt Bischof, Graphic Design, 2007
  • Michael Arroyo

    Even if it means putting your lifestyle on hold, it’ll be worth it eventually. Be confident, stand behind your work if you know it's good.

    Michael Arroyo, Graphic and Web Design, 2008
  • Mitch Bloom

    Try everything, have a good foundation, you’ll get a better idea of what you want to do and focus on that.

    Mitch Bloom, Graphic Design, 2010
  • Nicholas Capaldi

    I learned how to control my creativity and put it in other places. How to manage creativity and understand how to use creativity outside of fine art.

    Nicholas Capaldi, Graphic Design and Painting, 2009
  • Nolan Lemos

    Explore all your options. See what’s out there, if something interests you, take a class in it. Take classes you wouldn’t usually take.

    Nolan Lemos, Graphic Design and Painting, 2008
  • Patrick Garcia

    CSU Channel Islands has a flexible art program, you can create and direct your own projects.

    Patrick Garcia, Graphic Design, Painting, Sculpting, 2008
  • Ryan Hunnewell

    Do extracurricular activities. You’re going to learn a lot in your classroom, but there are other opportunities to grow and expand that will help your artistic skills, whether directly or indirectly.

    Ryan Hunnewell, Motion Graphics, 2012
  • Sam Hunter

    The most valuable part of the art program at CSU Channel Islands is the limitless encouragement. Professors would always say What would happen if…? and Why not?

    Sam Hunter, Sculpture, 2005
  • Shawn Patterson

    Aim to absorb as much as you can from all your courses because you don’t know what skills will aid you in your future.

    Shawn Patterson, Graphic Design, 2013
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